Ipsy Glam Bag February 2016 Review

I love February. I think it’s such a special time of the year to celebrate where you are in life with your loved ones. Single? Rock Galentines Day and have a #OvariesOverBrovaries party complete with Rom-Coms, Wine and your best gals or have a romantic night in with your significant other – cook together and watch that movie you have both wanted to see for a long time.

Ipsy Glam Bag - February 2016 - Glambag Review

Okay so what you came here for – the Ipsy Unboxing and Review for February. This month’s ipsy  theme was Pretty in #IpsyPink and boy does it deliver on that promise. My February Ipsy collection came in this adorable faux pixel bag complete with a pixel envelope and heart. I mean – it’s to die for. I love it.

Inside my glam bag, I received the following:
Pink Lipgloss - Glitter Pink Lips - Vintage Cosmetics

  • Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind Lip Gloss in Pink Sequin. (Retail $21.00) – The shade is exactly what you want in a lip gloss – a subtle blush pink with tons of glitter and shimmer . I think this is a sample size as it looks smaller than the full size lip gloss on the Vintage website. Overall, a nice touch to this month’s glambag.

  • smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil. (Retail $42.00) – This is a nice primer for winter weather which typically dries out the skin. The primer oil reduces the appearance of fine lines and increases moisture in about 4 weeks we you apply it in the morning and at night. I am looking forward to testing out this product, more to come. 🙂

smashbox Primer Oil - smashbox Cosmetics

  • Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat. (Retail $30.00) – The Pink Gel Coat is a protein-rich nail coating that instantly strengthens, seals, and protects your nails. It makes the tips of nails whiter, the nail bed will look rosy pink as it filters out any yellow appearance. And the sheer, protein-rich coating immediately strengthens, seals, and protects natural nails so they can grow strong and long…and it dries in a minute or less. A must-have in natural nail care, Pink Gel Coat will make your nails look like they’ve had a French manicure. What a great quick way to give your natural nails a face lift!




  • Anti Aging Lip & Hand Polish by Jersey Shore Spa in Vanilla Bean. (Retail $30 for a Set of 2 1oz. Containers) – Nothing about this product excites me. LOL It’s anti-aging (I’m 25), it’s lotion (I have 1289341857942785 samples of lotion, and its by a company called Jersey Shore Spa (All I can picture is Snooki pre-baby) but I JUDGED THIS SO POORLY! Seriously as I’m writing this I wanna hit myself. This is not a lotion it is a scrub and it smells like vanilla cupcakes and rainbows. A quick lather and rinse and my hands feel like two clouds. Must have guys, must have.

Hand Scrub - Lip Scrub - Jersey Shore SpaHand Scrub - Lip Scrub - Jersey Shore Spa

  • Luxie 221 Flat Definer Brush. (Retail $12.00) – The tight density of the brush creates a precise makeup application. Extremely soft on the skin, this brush is the answer to extreme definition and control. What It Is For: To sharpen the brows, or to smoke out the bottom lash line. How To Use: Outline your eyebrows with your best concealer and blend for a flawless finish. Or, run the brush along your bottom lash line to create a smokey eye.

Overall, I am insanely happy with February’s glam bag! I will definitely utilize all these products over the next few months. If you want to sign up for the next Ipsy glam bag click here.

Interested in buying these products?

Use code IPSY30 on luxiebeauty.com, to save 30% off your next purchase.

Use code IPSY16 on perfectformula.com, to save 15% off your next purchase.

Use code IPSY30 on vintagecosmetics.com, to save 30% off your next purchase.


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  1. Mairanny says:

    Loved all the products from this list.

    “Aka Rauny (@akarauny), social media manager


    1. Me too! One of my better ipsy glam bags for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

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