Beautycon Box Summer 2017


summer 2017 - beautycon
My box included:

  1. Dirty Little Secret (DLS) Gold Plated Eyeshadow Crayon – Full-size product. Retails for $14.
  2. Colourpop Lip gloss in London Fog  – Full-size product. Retails for $6.
  3. JonteBlu Eyeliner pencil in Electric Blue– Full-size product. Retails for $5.
  4. 2 Feel Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Masks – Full-size product. Retails for $8.75 each.
  5. Doucce Lip Gloss in Glistening Petals – Full-size product. Retails for $22.
  6. Deco Miami Lemon Blossom Cuticle Oil – Full-size product. Retails for $12.50.
  7. Manna Kadar Beauty Mascara in Jet Black – Full-size product. Retails for $29.
  8. Freeman Beauty Cucumber Face Mask – Full-size product. Retails for $2.
  9. Deco Miami Nail File – Full-size product. Retails for $10.50. Not Pictured.
  10. Makeup Drop Silicon Applicator– Full-size product. Retails for $20. Not Pictured.

So to recap, the BeautyCon box is only $29. The products I received totaled $138.50. Wowza! If you’re going to select one beauty box, this is the one, in my opinion, to splurge on.

Check out the beautycon box for yourself here.

xoxo, Lo

As always, all statements and opinions are my own.

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